The French Record Company

The French Record Company

The Art of French performers on vynil records is back !
The French Record Company will revive top quality vynil records of legendary performers ( mostly French ).

Jean - Marc Harari avec Annlies Schmidt de Neveu ( 2001 )


Who are we ? I'm a musician, conductor and musicologist; besides I'm collecting records for 30 years, since I was a teenager... In the later 1980-90's , when many dealers were used to publish paper lists I was in contact with most of them all over the world: thanks to them, I learned a lot, and purchased many records for my collection in that period.

Between 1995 and 2005, I create my own LP records list, and got "famous" by selling mostly rare French LP's : " Bemol Records " certainly educated numerous collectors all over the world on French performers, labels, which at that time remained ( and still are ?! ) mysterious, obscur to many of them. I think I can humbly say I was a pioneer !..: I did not just "sell" LP's, but also wrote personnal comments, informations on the records and the performers. And, first time in the world, my list included color photos pics of the sleeves.... anticipating the "idea of internet" years before. No list before sold LP's presented like "Art works" ! Meanwhile, I wrote articles on performers for newspapers ( ICRC, IPQ ), CD publishers ( Tahra ) or even record publisher ( Coup d'Archet ): you can see some of thems on performers below.

But what was important in my professionnal experience, is that, being the student of famous performers or composers thelselves, having known several legendary French violonists ( Devy Erlih, Michèle Auclair ), pianists ( Agnelle Bundervoet - see photo !, Jean - Michel Damase, France Clidat...), cellist ( Annlies Schmidt - see photo !! ), Ravel 's disciple the conductor Manuel Rosenthal.

I have been very fortunate to learn directly from them their ideas, their conceptions of music making, of performance. They told me wonderful storys about their careers, even their studys with the previous generation of musicians ! How to forget my dear master the conductor Pierre - Michel Le Conte telling me his funny memories with Ingelbrecht, Bigot, Mainardi, or even Henri Büsser !!?... Or Agnelle Bundervoet reminding her years at the Paris Conservatory, while cooking pommes Dauphines for me ! How not to be fascinated by maestro Günther Herbig, reminding his conducting lessons with Hermann Abendroth, and telling me in details the way the legendary master rehearsed in Leipzig, and how he felt a symphonic movement ?... From there was born my deep interest for French XX° century music; I andertood there was something specific to be preserved in the Art of French performers.

After almost 20 years of work and researches, with the publication of " the golden Book of French Classical LP records " ( wee "products" page - link ), we want to provide to a large audience the opportunity to learn more about a golden area of French record edition. In a second step, in a few months, we will publish again 33 rpm records of lengendary French performers: having discovered previously unpublished tapes, archives, somme of them which should have been published, we will press them in an high handcraft made quality ( vinyl and sleeve as well ), like Art work. These will not be simply re-issues, but new first time issues; the dream of classical vinyle record will revive. Please follow us; feel free to tell us your desires, ideas, opinions.

Jean - Marc Harari avec Agnelle Bundervoet ( 2004, Bréval ).