The French Record Company

The French Record Company

The Art of French performers on vynil records is back !
The French Record Company will revive top quality vynil records of legendary performers ( mostly French ).

critics, opinions about the book

- " A considerable work, which leads to forget all which had been previously made on the subject... " Daniel T.

- " Almost perfect balance....excellent source of documentation..." Hugues Mousseau, Arcana collector.

" The book is wonderful - just what I was hoping to find after much frustration locating information on very obscure French LP's. Truly a Golden classic. " Michael G. , musicologist


" For 10 years I have been asking around for a detailed book about French Classical LP's. I have seen nothing substantial until now. Whether you are a collector or a seller this book will widen your knowledge of the unique French pressings and their beautiful artworks. The quite boring UK only focus often seen among classical LP collectors has not just been arrogance , there simply has not been much info about French editions and many of the performers are still unknown outside France. I highly recommend to grab a copy. This is both a nice Coffee table book and a reference book ". Einar Lindtner Eide , EIDE CLASSICAL RECORDS , London